Draft Bill on Stamp Duty

On 29 September 2020, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia approved the draft bill on stamp duty as an amendment of Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 13 of 1985 concerning Stamp Duty, with the main points as follows:

  • The new stamp duty rate would implement a single rate of IDR 10,000;
  • Stamp duty of a nominal value of IDR 10,000 must be affixed to :
    1. Documents which are used as evidence in court; and
    2. Documents which are used in order to elaborate upon civil-related events, including :
      1. Agreements, statement letters or similar as well as their copies;
      2. Notarial deeds, as well as their counterpart originals and copies;
      3. Deeds that are drawn up by land-deed officials and their copies;
      4. Securities under any name and in any form;
      5. Securities transaction documents, including transaction documents for futures contracts;
      6. Auction documents; and
      7. Documents stating sums of money in nominal values which exceed IDR 5 million and which address the receipt of money or which contain acknowledgment of full or partial payments or calculations of loans.
  • Payable stamp duty can be paid via the following media:
    1. Stamps, either in the form of affixed duty stamp (meterai tempel), electronic stamp, or other forms of the stamp; and
    2. Tax-payment slips.
  • Temporary or indefinite exemptions from the imposition of stamp duty are to be granted in relation to certain types of documents, as follows :
    1. Documents which address transfers of rights over lands and/or buildings in order to accelerate the restoration of socio-economic conditions;
    2. Documents which address transfers of rights over lands and/or buildings used for non-commercial regional/social purposes;
    3. Documents which promote or implement government programs; and
    4. Documents that relate to the implementation of international agreements.

This new bill is planned to start effectively from 1 January 2021.

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