Large-Scale Social Restrictions Phase 2.0 and Tax Court Policies based on SE-15/PP/2020 up to SE-21/PP/2020

With regard to the implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions by the Governor of Jakarta and due to the issue of infected employees, the Tax Court has issued the following Circular Letters in order to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease:

  • SE-15/PP/2020 (“SE-15”) dated 11 September 2020;
  • SE-16/PP/ 2020 (“SE-16”) dated 14 September 2020;
  • SE-17/PP/2020 (“SE-17”) dated 16 September 2020;
  • SE-18/PP/2020 (“SE-18”) dated 18 September 2020;
  • SE-19/PJ/2020 (“SE-19”) dated 18 September 2020;
  • SE-20/PP/2020 (“SE-20”) dated 28 September 2020; and
  • SE-21/PP/2020 (“SE-21”) dated 28 September 2020.

In summary, the Tax Court has postponed any Tax Court Hearings which were scheduled during 14 September 2020 to 2 October 2020. The Tax Court does not consider this period as a part of the formal timeline for Tax Court Hearings. Further, as the Tax Court also closed its administration service, any submission of tax appeal, lawsuit, judicial review, and other letters should be done through postal mail. Any information can be obtained by sending an email to or WhatsApp application through contact number 081211007510.

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